Don Steward

Don Steward sum amd product

Don Steward – sum and product, March 2013

There can only be one post to write this weekend; I was so sad to hear of the death of Don Steward, such an inspiration to Mathematics teachers, I’ll simply share some resources as Jo Morgan has suggested. Note all the tweets on Twitter with people sharing their favourites.

I was delighted to meet Don Steward at the event Jo mentioned in her own post, a Saturday morning she organised at her old school, #mathsmeetglyn with Don Steward (Jo has included all the slides from his presentation in her post), and again later at the 2018 ATM – MA London Branch Summer Conference; he was such an engaging presenter, his passion and enthusiasm for Mathematics shone through each time I heard him.

ATM in this news item have included an early article from Mathematics Teaching giving an account of a lesson and his reflections on it.’

Don Steward linear equationsOn Don Steward’s Median blog, his posts are carefully tagged so for example, for a superb collection of ideas and student exercises for solving linear equations see all Don Steward’s posts tagged linear equations. Many of these outstanding resources use a very visual approach with very clear diagrams to help students’ understanding.

Don Steward diffy

Don Steward – diffy, March 2012

In all his posts, Don takes a problem and develops it so well, really getting students thinking. As with many posts a PowerPoint is available, check the diffy PowerPoint for some brilliant ideas.

Don Steward Diffy Algebra

Don Steward – diffy, March 2012

Don Steward algebra rearrangement

Don Steward – rearrangement quiz questions, January 2016

Don Steward has so many outstanding resources on his Median blog, including multiple choice quizzes, see this on rearrangement for example. Note that he also has a separate blog for GCSE practice resources. many of these quizzes are multiple choice.

Don Steward, combined functions

Don Steward – combined functions, April 2017

Don Steward 160 students

Don Steward – 160 students, February 2019

Don Steward, bits and bobs

Don Steward – bits and bobs, February 2013

Don Steward bracelets or necklaces

Don Steward – bracelets or necklaces

It seems appropriate to end with Don Steward’s last entry, what’s gone wrong? on April 18th 2020 on his Median blog.

what's gone wrong.

Don Steward – what’s gone wrong? 18th April 2020

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  1. A lovely tribute to Don, who will be sorely missed. Some of us remember him in his role as Shropshire Maths Advisor in the early 1990s, a role which he filled superbly.

  2. Very sorry to hear of the death of Don. Sincere condolences to the family. He was a treasure.

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