Corbettmaths 5-a-day

Corbettmaths 5-a-day. This is a wonderful revision resource with more than enough questions at different levels to keep you busy all year round with a variety of ages. I find these excellent for Year 11 GCSE revision and use them well before final examinations. I print the questions for students and hand them out as they come into the room so they can get straight to work. I find that using the Windows snipping tool I can easily fit two sets on an A4 landscape page making them economical to print or copy; this is a size that can easily be stuck into exercise books.

Corbettmaths 5-a-day

The above image shows the higher GCSE A* – G questions for January 31st. Questions are also available for the new GCSE specification. I tend to hunt the collection looking for sets that include particular topics, for example a topic that the class found difficult in a test or perhaps on on topics that we have not met for some time. For any class, regular review of essential skills at any time of year makes an excellent beginning or end to a lesson.

These are received so well by students of all ages; following a Year 11 (age 15-16) mock examination we used 5-a-day resources regularly and I asked students how useful they found them.

And for A Level students: 5-a-day

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