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From The Centre of Innovation in Mathematics Teaching try these interactive logic puzzles which are the kind of puzzles found in many of the logic puzzles magazines available. A chapter on this type of Puzzle and also an introduction to Sets are in the Year 7 CIMT book.

CIMT Logic Puzzle

Code Breaker

Code Breaker from Creativity Games.net. Can you crack the hidden code and place the correct colour marbles in the correct place?

Conceptis Puzzles  a collection of logic puzzles.….

Puzzle Palace by Erich Friedman includes these logic puzzles.

Logic Puzzles from John Pratt – there is a link to solutions at the foot of the page.

Math Playground – Think Outside the Flock

There is a complete collection of logic games available on Math Playground. Try Duck: Think Outside the Flock where you need to discover what you need to do!

There are several more games and puzzles that fall into the logic category on the Puzzles page, also in the various Collections.

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