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Develop your memory Transum

A Back to School collection of activities from Transum Mathematics was a reminder of many activities I like and a source of some new discoveries. Looking at the Develop Your Memory suggestions, I noted Number Recall something which I have found useful with Year 7 when looking at Statistics. It is often said that the average person can remember 7 digit numbers; the Transum activity allows a choice of the number of digits so students can see how good their memories are! I rather like the Kim’s Game activity here too which led me to a collection of Kim’s Games on Transum including Angle Theorem Kim’s Game, something to try perhaps when reviewing Circle Theorems.

Transum Kim's Game
Transum Mathematics – Angle Theorem Kim’s Game
Transum Mathematics

In fact, Transum has a whole collection of memory activities, the collection includes the various Kim’s game activities and many more. There are several pairs games, note Venn Diagram Pairs, which offers a choice of five activities including the traditional pairs game. We could also try the Formulae to Remember activities.

On the subject of pairs games, you can also find some on Nrich, try Shapely Pairs for example, where students turn over two cards and can keep the cards if they can draw a triangle with both properties. Quadrilateral cards are also available and there are further questions to think about. Or try a game of Statement Snap, where you will need to know about number properties.

We have more choices of math memory games – Mathisfun has a collection too, a useful index is provided of HTML5 Math and Logic games.

You might want to make your own Pairs game, I think some A level ones could be useful!
Try this (free) PowerPoint template on TES.

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