GCSE (14-16)

Edexcel’s Practice Papers include freely available Foundation Tier one mark questions. There are calculator and non-calculator paper questions and mark schemes from June 2017 through to June 2019 (non-calculator) and to November 2019 for the calculator questions.

Unlimited Edexcel GCSE 1 mark questions

On TES, from salimnore, this Excel spreadsheet generates an endless supply of 1 mark questions with the option to display the answers, making an ideal starter. Two versions are available, you can choose 5 or 10 questions to display.

Transum Refreshing Revision

This Custom Starter from Transum, is one I have featured before, it allows teachers to select the number of questions and the topics to include; scroll down the page and choose the topics you want from the Concept Selection. It is possible to save a particular selection of topics as the URL for your selection will be generated. It is also possible to drag the panels so your questions are displayed in the desired order. The beginning of a lesson can be an ideal time to review previous learning.

Corbett Maths – A Bit of Everything practice papers

On Corbett Maths you will find a complete collection of Practice Papers, note the Revision resources, including A Bit of Everything Papers; the Foundation papers with 116 questions provide very comprehensive syllabus coverage! Each paper includes a contents list with the relevant teaching video.

Jaggers Maths – Going for Gold (bronze question example)

From Mrs Jaggers Going for Gold (all resources) is a brilliant set of questions testing skills that appear on both foundation and higher tier papers. You can choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold; the papers have the same questions, but with varying amounts of scaffolding. The ratio question here is from the Bronze paper. On the silver version the question has just parts a) and b):

Silver version

and for gold, we have just the question as in the first image.

Worked solutions are provided. Preview the papers on Jaggers Maths.

Just Maths – Questions by topic

A brilliant set of resources from Just Maths: 9-1 Exam questions by topic –   these have come from Sample Assessment materials and early Practice Papers for the new 9-1 Maths GCSE from AQA, OCR, Pearson Edexcel and also from WJEC Eduqas Sample Assessment Materials.

To use the links here you will need to be logged in to the brilliant Diagnostic Questions site.

Diagnostic Questions provide a way of assessing your knowledge and understanding, they are excellent for identifying misconceptions. Try for example the collections of GCSE 2017 examination questions from AQA, OCR and Pearson Edexcel.(scroll down each of the pages linked to for numerous quizzes on different topics on the GCSE syllabus). And note the Diagnostic Questions App – revise on the move!

For more information see Diagnostic Exam Questions

Diagnostic Questions GCSE 2017 Collections

mathsbot.com – Jonathan Hall

Jonathan Hall has a bank of GCSE questions. on his site; note that you can show solutions for these questions. You can choose random questions or select the topic you want. Also on this site – you can create a practice paper with your chosen topics and the number of questions you want. In fact, there is a whole collection of GCSE resources.

Edexcel Topic Tests

From Edexcel and available without logging in: we have Topic Tests. AQA Topic Tests are also available for teachers on AQA’s All About Maths.

Staying with the examination boards, from OCR, try their excellent set of Check-in tests and from the Eduqas resource collection (select a subject and Key Stage) we have Mathematics Take-Aways for Higher and Foundation. These attractively presented resources offer very useful revision indeed. Full solutions are provided.

Dr Austin Maths – Revision

Amanda Austin’s site, Dr Austin Maths has a very comprehensive collection including revision resources. Aimed at teachers of GCSE and IGCSE, each of the many clearly indexed resources has several examples, all very clearly and attractively presented. Editable Word documents are provided as well as pdf versions and all the answers are provided. With copying in mind, the practice strips are very efficient with two to a page.

Mathematics Take-Away - Eduqas
Mathematics Take-Away – Eduqas

The wjec Question Bank has an extensive collection of questions, note the tags on the left allowing you to select questions by topic. We could choose tags or filter by the year and number of marks for the question.

wjec question bank

From David Morse, Maths4Everyone has a wonderful collection of high-quality resources, all freely available on TES Resources. Note all David’s fully worked exam questions by topic.
Inequalities & Regions David Morse
Also on Maths4Everyone, you will find a lovely collection of GCSE Revision Worksheets including a great set of SSDD revision questions.
SSDD Questions David Morse

For more resources see Steve Blades’ site www.m4ths.com; on the GCSE worksheets page Steve has many questions by topic, also note the Miscellaneous section which includes 120 Problem-Solving Questions for Higher GCSE (answers included), the questions were originally written for the AQA Foundation GCSE Linked Pair Methods and Applications syllabus. See also the Think like a problem solver and mathematician book, a resource for students aiming for Grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics (answers not included).

On Maths Genie, you will find numerous resources by topic. Under Grade 7, for example, we have Inverse and Composite Functions. You will find some revision examples and also exam questions with solutions.

Maths Genie Functions

Danielle Bartram – revision resources

Danielle Bartram has many excellent revision resources on her site and has written this very useful guide to the resources.

Craig Barton has a wonderful collection of GCSE revision resources. Note the past paper solutions (Edexcel but useful for any GCSE student) and the GCSE Maths Takeaways which are questions by topic from Foundation through to grade A*. These are legacy questions but remain very useful.
GCSE by topic
Selecting Answers for any topic will provide several exam questions on that topic with written solutions. If you just want the questions then select the topic title.
For example look at 100-More Difficult Rearranging Formulae, this document has 12 examination questions and written solutions on the topic. There are also video links for students to study the topic further; the video links have been provided by Mohammed Ladak on MathedUp! site where you will also find the Takeaways hosted. The author of the written solutions remains a mystery (thank you so much whoever you are!).

Dynamic Maths has a very useful collection of Excel spreadsheets by topicwhich provide useful practice for KS3 and K4.

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