Programme of Study KS1 & 2

Transum Mathematics

On Transum Mathematics resources for Years 5 and 6 (ages 9-10) have been mapped to the KS2 Programme of Study. The Schemes of Learning used here were produced by White Rose Maths.

Access relevant resources either from the schemes of learning or from the Year 5 and 6 lists.

Choosing, for example, number and place value, returns the statements from the programme of study, select any of the statements for Transum resources.

NCETM Curriculum Mappings – carefully sequenced steps, lesson slides, pedagogical support

NCETM resources for Primary 2022/2023, NCETM Primary resources.

Framework to support panning and teaching

Nrich Primary Resources

An outstanding site is the Nrich site, see also Nrich for Primary students. The Primary Curriculum page includes groups of resources that will help embed problem-solving into the Primary curriculum. Problem-Solving Skills provides resources grouped by skills such as Working Systematically at KS1 and KS2.

MEI Primary Resources

View all KS1 or KS2 resources from this page including MEI’s calculator resources for Primary.
Also, check the primary newsletter.

Working systematically makes me think of Systematic Listing Strategies, some of these resources here would be appropriate for Primary including Bobbie Bear from NCTM Illuminations, how many ways can you give Bobbie Bear a different outfit?

NCTM Illuminations – Bobbie Bear

You can search the site by age, there are many resources here which would be excellent for Primary age children.

Counting to 100 on Jonathan Hall’s Mathsbot is one of many resources suitable for Primary.

On Maths4Everyone, David Morse has a lovely collection of  Primary resources, try his SATS revision resources with full solutions, perhaps try a worksheet (use the drop-down menu to search by age) or use a set of loop cards.

Maths4Everyone – David Morse

On the brilliant Diagnostic Questions site, the White Rose Maths Hub team have written quizzes to support the teaching of  Years 1 to 8. See also the extensive collection of free Primary resources from the White Rose team.

On DrFrostMaths there is a growing collection of Key Skills for Primary students.

On DrFrostMaths there is a growing collection of Key Skills for Primary students.

Also on DrFrostMaths, you will find KS2 SATS papers.

Further Resources

Corbett Maths – Primary 5-a-day
KS2 Loop Cards

From Jonathan Hall on Mathsbot, you can find KS1 and KS2 Practice Arithmetic Papers. As you can see from the top menu, new sets of questions can be generated, and the questions can be marked online.

Sarah Farrell

Sarah Farrell – Problem Solving

Sarah Farrell has all her files saved in her amazing ‘Big Folder of Stuff
Blog: Mrs F’s Classroom. Search on the tag maths for some great posts and resources; see, for example, Problem Solving.

A little but a lot – Steph

From Steph, Year 6 Reasoning – weekly tests with answers. These are based on past SATs papers/problems her pupils have struggled with.