GeoGebra Institute of MEI

MEI is a GeoGebra Institute. MEI supports teachers in a many ways including the development of free teaching and professional development materials on using GeoGebra in the classroom. Scrolling down this page you will see a series of self-study guides designed for learning Geogebra. You will also find a wonderful collection of resources for use in the classroom; these are very simple to use, very little GeoGebra knowledge is required. Some tasks are designed to be easy to follow with the tablet app (download from the GeoGebra home page) and don’t need any prepared GeoGebra files.

MEI GeoGebra Institute

MEI GeoGebra Resources

Quadratic Inequalities MEI

Shown here we have Quadratic Inequalities from the Higher Tier GCSE collection. This would also be useful for Advanced Level students.