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The Set Game

The Set Game – a daily puzzle is set in The New York Times. How many sets can you find?
See SET Puzzle Rules to learn how to play. 

All the sudoku puzzles you could ever want – many variations from Nrich.

Transum Mathematics – Pu Wiang

Transum has a great variety of puzzles to try, 261 of them! Can you complete Pu Wiang in 20 moves or less?

Transum Mathematics – Yohaku
The Puzzle Library – Puzzle of the Week

The Puzzle Library is a brilliant collection helpfully indexed by topic of all the previous puzzles from Puzzle of the Week, a free international puzzle competition for schools.

Murderous Maths regularly publish puzzles; check their puzzles page.

TeacherLED Puzzles

On Spencer Riley’s TeacherLED site, see the Puzzle Resources designed to promote thinking skills in the classroom.

OCR Maths Puzzle

I really like the #OCRmathsPuzzles, look out for them.

Find the Factors – Iva Sallay

For a puzzle with a difference that requires both logic and multiplication try a Find the Factors puzzle from Iva Sallay on her Find the Factors blogIn this Find the Factors 1-10 puzzle can you place the numbers 1 to 10 in the first row and the first column to make the multiplication table work? Iva Sallay has clearly explained the puzzles here: How to Find the Factors.

New puzzles are published each week, I like the Excel files provided with puzzles of varying levels of difficulty. You will also find many hints and tips in the various posts. See Hooked on Factoring, for example, a post giving techniques for solving the puzzles and an Excel file of puzzles.

7 puzzle blog – Paul Godding

Paul Godding’s 7 puzzle blog offers new puzzles to try daily.

Erich’s Puzzle Palace

Erich Friedman’s Puzzle Palace includes an extensive collection of puzzles including many requiring mathematical skills.

Yohaku is a puzzle that will test your number sense and problem-solving skills. Each Yohaku puzzle is either an additive or a multiplicative puzzle. You must fill in the empty cells such that they give the sum or product shown in each row and column as well as satisfying a rule if given.

BrainBashers offers a large collection of puzzles and brain teasers, there is also a section on illusions.

Puzzlemadness.co.uk – all the puzzles you want – no apps to install!


On Futoshiki.org from Vlad Daskalu, you can generate puzzles of sizes from 4×4 to 9×9 and choose one of 4 difficulty levels.

Other sites offering these puzzles include Brain Bashers.

KenKen (See KenKen Tutorial)   

Puzzles from Plus Magazine (Millenium Maths Project – University of Cambridge)

Another great collection comes from Simon Tatham. If you teach or study Graphs in Decision Maths, then try his Untangle puzzles; it is possible to change the number of nodes – use the Type menu.

Nick’s Mathematical Puzzles (Nick Hobson)

Maths Doodles   

Mathigon puzzles and games

For very attractively presented Puzzles (and Games) – try Mathigon.

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