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Looking at the subject content for Further Mathematics is helpful in that it specifies in the Detailed content statements on pages 7-10, the material which must be included in A level specifications in further mathematics. This content makes up approximately 50% of the total content of A level further mathematics.

Note additionally that core content that must be included in any AS further mathematics specification is indicated in sections B to D below using bold text within square brackets.

Further Maths Compulsory Content Summary

Looking at the detailed subject content, we see for example the further algebra and functions content which must be included by all awarding organisations.

Subject Content Algebra

A Level Further Mathematics – Compulsory Content, Algebra

This is very useful to know when we are searching for further examples to use with our students. Note that D1 and D2 (bold text) must be included in any AS further mathematics specification, so we can definitely look to AS exam board resources for those topics.

This bold content must represent approximately 20% of the overall content of AS further
mathematics. Awarding Organisations have selected other content from the non-bold statements in the prescribed core content of A level further mathematics to be in their AS further mathematics specifications; this additional content represents a minimum of 10% (approximately) of the AS further mathematics content.