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Transum – Flash Tables

From Transum Mathematics comes Flash tables which will present you with random questions from your chosen tables and then show the answer at the speed you select. Also from Transum, see this great Tables Collection which has several activities to try.

Phet Simulations – Arithmetic

Use this PhET simulation to practise your tables, you can choose, Multiply, Factor or Divide which is an excellent idea. You may know that 6×9=54, but are you just as quick when dividing 54 by 9?

Have a look at Multiplication by Heart.

The tutorial video is very clear on how this resource can be used with spaced repetition, there is also, very usefully a Shuffle mode for simple practice.

Choose the Settings and Instructions icon for a summary of the resource and access shuffle mode to practice with a random subset from all decks at once. You can also jump to a later deck with more difficult questions and different visualisations.

Try this Tables Test from which you can play at different levels.

BBC Skillswise though written for adults has some useful activities for students.

For a real challenge try a Find the Factors puzzle from Iva Sallay, the details are on the Puzzles page.

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