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Note how useful the DfE, document GCSE content is, exam boards must include this content.

For examples and excellent resources from the Examination Boards see Examination Resources.

On the GCSE New Content page the major changes to the GCSE specification are noted. This page has links to resources for that new content and will be regularly updated.

For information on the KS2 and KS3 curriculum (essential as this impacts on KS4) see the new Key Stage 3 programme of study and  from La Salle education a very useful document: Annotated KS3 Curriculum Changes which is annotated clearly with changes at Key Stage 3. Note that you can also find information on changes to the Primary curriculum in this collection of resources; note the Primary Maths Hokey Cokey. See also this very clear post from Michael Tidd on 10 things you might not have realised about the new Primary Maths curriculumSee also  KS2 Mathematics 2016 teacher assessment exemplification, and the KS1 version.

A very useful source of ideas, a site I have always found valuable, Kenny’s Pouch which includes many free resources for the new National Curriculum – see for example Kangaroo Maths on “Assessment Key Stage 2/3 – A gradual shift to assessing without levels.”

TES have published a series of topic-specific GCSE pages.The index page is here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/gcse-exam-revision/maths
An example of a page itself is here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/gcse-exam-revision/maths/algebra/equations-and-functions

Students will be required to know some formulae.

Note the increased emphasis on Problem Solving

Ratio proportion and rates of change
Geometry and Measures
Further Resources


Long Multiplication & Division – Formal Methods

Combinatorics on Brilliant 
(create a free account to view)

Systematic Listing Strategies – a collection of problems

Powers and Roots – Dan Draper

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Ratio, proportion and rates of change

Ratio and Proportion Problems

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Expand three brackets
Functions – introduction and further resources: Functions 
Trigonometry Demonstrations
Use Desmos to explore tangents to a curve
Use Desmos to explore circles and tangents
Introducing Calculus – blog post & resources
BBC Bitesize – Finding the equation of a tangent to a circle
Circles & tangents – Diagnostic Questions Quiz 
Check work on WolframAlpha
Desmos for inequalities – including quadratic
Iterative Methods 


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Geometry and measures


Probability – the change in content and further resources

Frequency Tree

Venn Diagrams (select for post featuring many resources)
From Nrich Prize Giving and note the Frequency Tree representation
From TES: Frequency Trees
Also on TES: Dave Gale’s excellent Frequency Trees Resource

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Statistics – Changes in Content

Box Plots – Transum

Further Resources

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