Great teaching toolkit: Evidence review

Links for all the resources mentioned in my ATM 2021 Conference session:

Great Teaching toolkit: Evidence review – complete report

Examination Board Teaching Resources and 16+ Resources

White Rose Secondary Resources including Complete Secondary Small Steps

Building Blocks – Andy Lutwyche

Diagnostic Questions Diagnostic Question a Day

Spot the mistake resources including Erica’s Errors and Clumsy Clive from Andy Lutwyche
Show that… and What was the question? from Andy Lutwyche

Use of Technology including PhET Simulations and Open Middle problems in GeoGebra
(note there are numerous GeoGebra resources linked to GCSE and A Level)

Distributive Property: Open Middle Theme

Loughborough University Self Explanation Training
and from The Learning ScientistsSelf-Explanation as a Study Strategy for Math

The Standards Unit (all resources) including Malcolm Swan’s Improving Learning in Mathematics

Negative Numbers – a roundup of resources on directed numbers to make this topic clear for students, including some excellent visuals.

Number Line – PhET

Prime Factorisation using Prime Factor TilesStarting Points Maths GCSE resources (scroll right down the page for the misconceptions resource)

Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary from Mathisfun!
See also Reference for Jenny Eather’s dictionary and posters

On CIMT there are interactive tutorials for Years 78 and 9

Berwick Maths – The Centre of Worked Examples

From Mrs Jaggers Going for Gold (all resources) is a brilliant set of questions testing skills that appear on both foundation and higher tier papers. You can choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold; the papers have the same questions, but with varying amounts of scaffolding. Worked solutions are provided. Preview the papers on Jaggers Maths.

AlgebraByExample and Math by Example

Colour in Mathematics – the use of colour to add clarity

Here’s the diagram… what’s the question?

Here’s the diagram…what’s the question?

Variation Theory – Craig Barton

Nrich Mathematical Etudes and Purposeful Practice
Colin Foster – including Mathematical Etudes
Nrich – Multiple Representations

Minimally Different

Don Steward has an extensive collection of activities to really make your students think and learn. Note the helpful topics menu on the right-hand side of the page.

Calculators – including Equations – Linear and Quadratic

Quadratic Calculator

Transum – Topic Index
Transum  Maths Map (Students)
Transum Advanced Starters

Mathematics Revision

Further Reading

Activating Hard Thinking – Class Teaching – Durrington Research School

Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction

Highly recommended is the Retrieval Practice website from Dr Pooja K. Agarwal.