Exams & Assessments 2022

See Examinations – Mathematics Summer 2022 for many resources based on the advance information from all the exam boards.

DfE – 30 September 2021: Exams in 2022 – everything you need to know.

Follow news releases as they happen from Ofqual, DfE and the exam boards on Twitter, using this Examinations list. For Mathematics use this mini-list for AQA, Edexcel and OCR Maths & MEI Maths. (You can follow these lists without subscribing to Twitter.)

Advance Information for summer 2022 exams is now available.

Formula Sheets

The Exams Office publishes regular updates, available to all. This is a really useful resource and includes all their updates including from JCQ, DfE and all the examination boards. As well as AQA, OCR and Pearson you will find for example City and Guilds and International Examinations.

November 11th 2021, Ofqual has published a number of documents:

2022 qualification and subject level conditions for GCSE, AS and A level; the updated conditions can be found using the following links:

Ofqual Blog – 30 September 2021: Exams and Assessments 2022 – fairness and clarity

We want to get back quickly to how grading was before the pandemic, but we fully understand that students taking exams in 2022 have experienced disruption, so we won’t do it in one jump. Instead, 2022 will be a transition year to reflect that we are in a pandemic recovery period. We will aim, therefore, to reflect a point midway between 2021 and 2019 when it comes to grading. Then in 2023 we want to return to results that are in line with those before the pandemic began. 

Grade Boundaries archives are available below.

Ofqual Blog – updated 30 September 2021:
Proposed changes to the assessment of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2022

Ofqual Blog – 30 September 2021:
Ofqual’s approach to grading exams and assessments in summer 2022 and autumn 2021

Results Statistics – exam previous sessions

Use the following links for each exam boards’ grade boundaries archives.

AQA Grade Boundaries archive

OCR Grade Boundaries    

Pearson Edexcel Grade Boundaries

Eduqas Grade Boundaries

What impact will Ofqual’s chosen grading system in 2022 have

fft education datalab – 30 September 2021:
What impact will Ofqual’s chosen grading system in 2022 have?