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See the Statistics and Probability Resources list(This is one of many lists on the I’m Looking For Useful Links page).

To highlight a few sites from that list:

Census at School             Census at School Resource Archive

From the always excellent Standards Unit, we have ‘Mostly Statistics‘. An activity I particularly like which has worked very well in class is S4 Understanding mean Median Mode and Rangeselecting the link takes you to a new page which includes a PowerPoint for the activity with an introduction and the solutions.

I have mentioned Hans Rosling’s excellent use of Gap Minder beforeNote the links to a guide to the software and a page for teachers.

For more data sets, also for some very useful Excel files see Douglas Butler’s collection.

Another site I posted on some time ago is Mike Hadden’s excellent collection of resources which includes several Statistics resources.

For older students Jonny Griffiths has a wonderful collection of activities – Making Statistics Vital.

The Tools and Calculators section of the list includes virtual dice, also coins and dice simulations.

Some quotes end the list!
“Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.”
Mark Twain.

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