Fun Curves

Darth Vader on Wolfram Alpha

Did you know you can plot Darth Vader on WolframAlpha or other Star Wars curves? There are many more fun curves! A dalek perhaps or Batman?!

See this on the WolframAlpha blog. The post describes various popular curves, some examples follow:

A whole gallery of person curves such as Einstein or have a look at some fictional characters, Dilbert for example! You can also read information on people.


For any Dilbert fans here is the information on Dilbert and note that associated characters such as the Pointy-Haired Boss are also there!

The Dilbert site may amuse you if you have not seen it before. It is possible to search the site; using a keyword of Statistics returns these stripsRelated to Statistics we have made up numbers (I do like that second entry!) or data or try Math. How’s this for a job title? Mordak is the Preventer of Information Services!

Einstein & Dilbert on WolframAlpha!

Einstein & Dilbert on WolframAlpha!

cat or other animals. Note the choice of cats under more!

cat curve on WolframAlpha

cat curve on WolframAlpha

Anyone for cake?

and a coffee too?

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