NCTM Illuminations

NCTM – Geometric Solids

Illuminations is a project designed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

You will find many excellent Interactives on this site.

Search the Illuminations site by age and by topic area.

Each Interactive includes clear instructions, check Geometric Solids, for example, scroll down for full instructions on how to use the interactive. Questions for exploration are also provided.

Further examples, this is a great collection, try for example…

Algebra Tiles – see also Algbebra Tiles page


Start with Pan Balance – Shapes, then move on to extensions, Pan Balance – Numbers and Pan Balance – Expressions

Bobbie Bear – whilst aimed at younger students, how many ways can you give Bobbie Bear a different outfit? An excellent example when thinking about systematic listing strategies!

Cube Nets


Isometric Drawing Tool

NCTM – Pan Balance – Expressions