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If you want to make sure that you include all students in your class then some kind of system for choosing students is very useful, for a simple and very effective low-tech way then read Harry Fetcher-Wood’s excellent post and make some lolly sticks cards! Harry’s post includes discussion on the fact that this can be contentious; I think the key is to use this technique when appropriate and be very clear that it is OK to be unsure but good to contribute in some way. I let students know that a suitable response includes a question back to me. Another offline option is to use one of Mike Hadden’s many excellent spreadsheets – scroll down to the ‘Other Files’ section for the Random Student spreadsheet. You can easily create a spreadsheet for each class.
(For more on Mike Hadden’s excellent spreadsheets, see this post.)

Random Name Selector - Primary Technology

For an online option this random name selector by John Mclear on Primary Technology will randomly select a name from a list you can easily input. Once you have input a list of names you can then save the list as a link. It is possible to remove a name from the list once it has been chosen.

You can save a list of names so have easy access to lists of all your classes by just having the link somewhere easy to access.

Classtools.net Random Name Selector and Countdown Timer

classtools.net has numerous flash templates which allow teachers to create diagrams, activities and games. As with the previous random name selector the resource on classtools.net also allows you to save a list of your own for easy access later.