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Edexcel Topic Tests

Under Course Materials you will find an extensive collection of helpful resources such as the Exemplification of the New Sample Assessment Materials

Note the menu on the left; you can easily navigate these resources choosing the Content type. Looking at Classroom tests, for example, you will find a complete collection of tests with answers by topic for both Foundation and Higher tiers.

Edexcel Teacher Support, includes many Practice Papers.

Edexcel Content Support includes Teaching Guidance, sample questions for new topics and Problem Solving questions. All of these documents are freely available to download with no login required. Note the GCSE 9-1 Mathematics Content Guidance which provides commentary from the senior examiner team for the new GCSE (9–1) in Mathematics content statements. Question references from the accredited Sample Assessment Materials and Specimen Papers (Sets 1 and 2) are provided to exemplify this content. The booklet of Sample Questions for new topics is very helpful

Also under Content Support you will find very helpful resources for teaching new content. For new content, information, examples and exercises (with answers) are given. (See this post for more on Iterative Techniques). See also this larger, excellent collection.


Edexcel New Content Resources

On Diagnostic Questions Edexcel GCSE Multiple Choice covering the specification are available – an outstanding resource.

If you have not yet signed up for the new home of Edexcel’s Maths Emporium then do so! This is highly recommended, note that it is a free website intended for the use of teachers of mathematics in secondary schools, regardless of what board you use. Register for an account and ensure you supply a correct centre e-mail address in your name for verification, your centre name and centre number.

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