Building Blocks

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The Building Blocks resources, to quote Underground Mathematics “are designed to give students an opportunity to notice ideas or concepts for themselves by building their knowledge through a particular problem. Either the situation, or the questions asked, will be carefully focused in order to guide the students in their learning.”

I have used many of these successfully in the classroom.
Some personal favourites: Excel file, building-blocks-cy-favourite-resources
or as a pdf:  building-blocks-cy-favourite-resources

Able students as young as Year 9 with appropriate scaffolding can try some of these resources such as Lots of Lines! You will see from the the supporting materials that this has come from the brilliant Standards Unit (A10) collection. Students must sort the lines into six pairs, each pair matching one of the given descriptions.
Staying with the Building Blocks I do like Straight Lines where students must decide which of 17 equations are equations of a straight line.
Look at the list – a wonderful lesson in not jumping to conclusions here! This worked very well with both my Year 9 and my Year 11 classes.


Straight Lines reminded me of Line Pairs, I feel an extension for Year 11 coming on!