GCSE to A Level Transition

Edexcel’s transition to A Level Maths videos and worked examples are a very comprehensive set of free resources designed to help the transition from GCSE to A level Maths. The content focus is on the overlap between GCSE Maths and the first year of the A Level Maths course making the resources useful not only for initial transition but also for the first year of the course.

From Sparx Maths, have a look at their Transition Booklets, one for Year 6 to 7 and one for GCSE to A Level; these booklets are free whether you have Sparx Maths or not. The GCSE to A Level booklet uses over 120 questions taken from 11 key topics on Sparx Maths. Answers can be obtained by completing a form with your school details.

OCR Transition Algebra Fractions
OCR- Bridging the Gap – A Student Guide

For students going on to A Level then a really useful publication is use OCR’s brilliant guide for students Bridging the gap between GCSE and AS/A Level Mathematics – A Student Guide. With sections on Algebra, Trigonometry and graphs including examples, question practice on key topics and suggested reading before starting the A Level this is so valuable for students.

Hegarty Maths

Free lessons from Colin Hegarty recorded on YouTube are available to help GCSE students prepare for A Level Maths.

From TL Maths GCSE to A-Level Maths Bridging the Gap is a series of videos looking at some of the basics of GCSE Maths Higher Tier that students should be proficient in before they start A-Level Maths.

AMSP – Transition To A Level Mathematics – Essential Skills

From AMSP – check Transition to A Level Mathematics – Essential Skills.

These Transition Takeaways from Mohammed Ladak have been specifically chosen to help with A Level Maths preparation.

On Revision Maths, see this guide which provides a clear list of required skills with links to GCSE revision resources.

We could also look at Step Up to A Level Maths from The Centre of Innovation in Mathematics Teaching which helpfully lists skills students should be confident with and provides resources to support the study of these skills.