Decision Mathematics

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Decision Mathematics is an optional component of the Applied content for Further Mathematics. Each of the four UK specifications includes Decision Mathematics components. The MEI specification is the only specification that allows, through its 3 minor options possibility, the study of Mechanics, Statistic and Decision Mathematics (Modelling with Algorithms).

SpecificationA Level Further Mathematics Applied Optional Components
AQA1 examination paper, select 2 out of 3 sections from Discrete, Mechanics and Statistics
Edexcel2 optional units, each with a separate examination, from: Further Pure 1,  Further Pure 2, Mechanics 1, Mechanics 2, Statistics 1, Statistics 2, Decision 1, Decision 2
OCR A2 optional units, each with a separate examination, from:                                                 Statistics, Mechanics, Discrete Mathematics, Additional Pure Mathematics
MEI (OCR B)1 major and 1 minor option or 3 minor options, each with a separate examination, from Major options – Mechanics, Statistics                                                                              Minor options – Mechanics, Statistics, Modelling with algorithms, Numerical methods, Extra pure, Further pure with technology

It is useful to look at practice papers and resources from all the specifications, so it is helpful to compare the content of each.

GraphsDecision Mathematics 1Mathematical PreliminariesAlgorithms
NetworksAlgorithms and Graph TheoryGraphs and NetworksNetworks
Network FlowsAlgorithms on GraphsAlgorithmsNetworks and graphs
Linear ProgrammingCritical Path AnalysisNetwork AlgorithmsNetwork Flows
Critical Path AnalysisLinear ProgrammingDecision Making in Project ManagementCritical path analysis
Game theory for zero-sum gamesDecision Mathematics 2Graphical Linear ProgrammingSolving network problems using technology
Binary OperationsTransportation ProblemsThe Simplex AlgorithmLinear Programming
Allocation (assignment) problems Game TheoryThe Simplex Algorithm
Flows in networks
Dynamic Programming
Game Theory
Recurrence relations
Decision Analysis
Decision Mathematics Subject Content
MathedUp – Mohammed Ladak

Decision Mathematics notes and teaching resources are detailed on this page, Decision Mathematics Teaching Resources.

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