Bar Modelling

White Rose Maths – Barvember 2021

Barvember, from White Rose Maths, was created to encourage the use of the bar model. Now you can solve the problems using another great digital tool from White Rose Maths, Bar Model. White Rose Maths completed the solution to their day 10 challenge on the Bar Model tool:

Bar models can really help children visualise and then solve maths problems. See Bar Modelling which includes another brilliant digital tool from Colleen King on Math Playground, Thinking Blocks.

NCETM Secondary Mastery Professional Development Materials – Operating on number

NCETM have published KS3 subject knowledge audits; there are 17 audit documents with each one based on one of the core concepts from the NCETM Secondary Mastery Professional Development Materials. For each document, following audit questions with check boxes you can select to show how confident you are, you will find exemplifications and explanations, and further support links. There is space at the end of each document where you can reflect on the material. Further KS3 teaching resources can be found on the 17 core concept webpages.