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Complete Maths has made Robert Smith’s session from #MathsConf26 “Web Autograph, a First Look” freely available. Scroll down to Robert Smith – Web Autograph, a First Look and select Preview.

A web version for Autograph is available, it has a great deal of functionality and will be developed even further. The interface is intuitive. Select the various options to see all the functionality available. Add some points or an equation and experiment! I really like all the style options in Autograph making it possible to create attractive resources. And look at all those colours! That certainly appeals to me with my interest in using colour in Mathematics to add clarity to explanations. Note the colours of the points I have used in my reflection example below.

Autograph – web version

With a single point selected, here’s a selection of menus, note the highlighted icons at the top. Select the image to see a larger image.

I thought I would create a page to show reflection in x=a:

Autograph – web version

Select the image or this link to see the above page.
A recording showing how to create a page like this is available here.

Recording – creating the page showing the reflection

Or try reflecting in the line y=mx+c.
A recording to create a page like this is here.

It is possible to embed a page as well as share it…