AQA Level 2 Further Maths

Level 2 Further Math Practice Papers 2023

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This level 2 qualification is designed to stretch and challenge students who are expected to achieve the top grades in GCSE Mathematics.

The Teaching Guidance is a very valuable document for understanding the requirements of the specification. For every section of the specification, clear guidance is given on what students are expected to know, additional notes are provided as well as examples to illustrate how the specification may be assessed.

To access the Teaching Guidance and other resources on All About Maths, AQA’s free Maths portal, you will need to register. All About Maths is for teachers who offer, or are considering offering AQA maths qualifications.

Level 2 Further Maths Worksheet Mark Scheme example
AQA Level 2 Further Maths Worksheets

Also available are worksheets and mark schemes for each section of the specification.

Further resources include

Corbett Further Maths 5-a-day
Corbettmaths 5-a-day

Corbett Maths Resources provide videos, practice questions and answers for Further Maths and we also have a Further Maths series of the fabulous 5-a-day resources.

AQA Diagnostic QuestionsFrom Craig Barton, a brilliant collection, including past papers and written solutions, Topic Tests, Diagnostic Questions and video guides. Note Craig’s excellent recommendations within these pages.

Andy Lutwyche – Careless Casey

Level 2 Further Maths resources from Andy Lutwyche are excellent (as are all Andy’s resources!), I use so many; Casey is very careless with her Level 2 Further Maths!

Dr Austin Maths – Level 2 Further Maths
Dr Austin Maths

From Dr Austin Maths – Level 2 Further Maths, this is an excellent collection of resources for this qualification.

From Westie’s Workshop, see these PowerPoint resources of questions by topic from past papers, broken down by topic on the website, alternatively, the complete PowerPoint is available on TES Resources.

Dr Frost
Dr Frost Full Coverage Revision

Dr Jamie Frost has a series of Full Coverage Revision Worksheets taken from a large database of exam questions, providing broad coverage of topics.

From 1st Class Maths, see these videos and practice questions clearly indexed by topic.

Level 2 Further Math Practice Papers 2023

Pete Mattock has produced a Level 2 Practice Paper based on his analysis of the first paper.

Sudeep, @boss_maths has written a practice Paper 2 for AQA Level 2, Further Maths; this is available on with really clear worked solutions.

Dr Tom Bennison

From Dr Tom Bennison on MathematicsAndCoding see his excellent resources for AQA A-Level Maths, AQA A-Level Further Maths, and also AQA Level 2 Further Maths. Tom will be adding resources to his post as they are created.

On DrFrostMaths, an AQA Level 2 Further Maths paper is available in both pdf and an online version.

1st Class Maths has created a paper and video solutions for AQA L2 Further Maths.

Adam Mercer has created an AQA L2 Further Maths warm-up sheet the topics chosen didn’t appear on paper 1.