Mathematical Miscellany #41

Following on form my post on Don Steward last week, it is wonderful to learn from SHaW Maths Hub that Don made arrangements for his blog to remain freely available. So his outstanding resources remain for Mathematics teachers and students.
For a free online whiteboard tool for teachers and classrooms try You can read about the features here and follow News and Updates. There are now Basic and Premium plans but the free plan does allow a temporary whiteboard (2 hours) with a link provided so students can join; it is also possible to insert an image as shown below. See Pricing.

Whiteboard fi Diagnostic Questions - White Rose AlgebraThe ability to insert an image is excellent, given that each student can only see their own board and the teacher’s it strikes me that Diagnostic Questions could be so useful here. Display the question, have students put their answers on their boards and the teacher will be able to see the responses of all the students. The image featured above is from the White Rose Maths Collection which features quizzes for each topic unit for their Years 1 to 8 maths mastery schemes of work. Remember there are numerous collections including GCSE questions from the examination boards and a collection of problems adapted from the UKMT Mathematical Challenges.

Maths At Home
Alison Clarke-Wilson shared this blog on Research-based Effective Online Teaching Strategies

Algebra KO extract Nicola Whiston

With revision and review of the year’s work a feature of this summer term, perhaps a good time to remind readers of of some Knowledge Organisers for Mathematics and their use.  This post includes Nicola Whiston’s collection of Knowledge Organisers which follow the White Rose Schemes of Learning, she is sharing the collection here, via Dropbox. These are really attractive and I think will appeal to students.

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The 100+ Best Website on the Internet – MakeUseOf
From MakeUseOf, a comprehensive list of The 100+ Best Websites on the Internet in helpful categories. I am pleased to see WolframAlpha in there and noted a query type I had not seen before – simple word problems. See more examples of Word Problems.
(and All Examples by Topic).
Word Problem

Information is BeautifulA reminder of the very beautiful data visualization site, Information is Beautiful; learn via some amazing infographics. Their main coronavirus graphics are interactive and generate themselves from the latest data.