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Dr Frost Maths – A Level Resources

A site where you will find very high-quality resources comes from Dr Jamie Frost who has produced resources (slides/worksheets) for the new specification.

Whilst Dr Frost mentions Edexcel, the content for A Level Maths is the same for all examination boards; Further mathematics has some common Pure content.

You can access all Dr Frost’s resources on the Resources home page including an extensive collection of videos. Also note the courses page including Edexcel courses where you will find the Maths and Further Maths A Level courses.

Dr Frost has also written wonderfully clear instructions on the use of the Casio FX99-1EX calculator which you will find on his site, I have also included a link to this on the Use of Technology page.

To really challenge your students Dr Frost has created such a useful resource with his STEP, MAT and AEA questions all aligned to new A Level chapters. This document is 156 pages of categorised questions (brief answers are given). Also available is a pdf file of just the STEP questions.

For mark schemes see:


Maths Challenge questions are an excellent resource at any time – not just for preparation for the competitions, particularly with the increased requirement for problem solving skills at all levels. It is possible to access Maths Challenge questions by topic for Junior, Intermediate and Senior from Dr Frosts’s wonderful website full of outstanding resources.



Very conveniently it is possible to download zip files of questions by topic.

You can also search the UKMT database by topic.