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A closer look at the daily lessons from White Rose Maths. These lessons are available for Early Years through to Year 10

Perimeter - White Rose

White Rose Maths – Daily Lessons

To take, Lesson 3 – Perimeter including problem solving from Year 7, Week 5  (the lesson menu will open at Week 12, scroll down for earlier weeks) as an example, the subject for Year 7 was Perimeter. White Rose Maths provide a video of approximately 8 minutes in length. The presentation is excellent with very clear explanations and examples. Following a recap of what perimeter is including worked examples, the video then poses the example – Draw and label a sketch of a rectangle with a perimeter of 24cm and goes on to ask how many different rectangles with a perimeter of 24cm students can find if the side lengths are integers. Students are instructed at this point to pause the video lesson, to work on the problem, they can then restart the video to check their work. Following that problem students are given further problems to work on, including drawing and labelling a sketch of an isosceles triangle with a perimeter of 21cm, a rather nice demonstration of the triangle inequality for students (mathisfun has so much good material).


Further examples go on to combine geometry and algebra, forming and solving equations for the total perimeter. I like the Spot the mistake example – these lessons are really well structured and include more challenging problems as well as basic examples. Students who have the Worksheets from White Rose can work on those, but for students who do not have the White Rose Worksheets BBC Bitesize provides the

Algebra KO extract Nicola Whiston

Also – a wonderful complement to these resources we have Nicola Whiston’s amazing collections of Key Stage 3 Knowledge Organisers (see also Knowledge Organisers – Mathematics) which follow the White Rose Schemes of Learning. She is sharing the collection here, via Dropbox. These are really attractive and I think will appeal to students. For consolidation and review these are perfect.