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Transum Mathematics – Puzzles

Transum numerous Games and (261) Puzzles.

There are many recommendations for Nrich games on the pages of this site. Use the search and filter by Type, Age and Challenge level.

Nrich – search
Some of the games chosen by Nrich
Some of the games chosen by Nrich

Note this selection of Games chosen by Nrich themselves, Secondary Interactive Resources which have been chosen for use in the computer room or on the whiteboard. The games are presented in order of difficulty; we have Countdown for example, but with Complex Numbers, Vectors and Matrices.

Mathigon puzzles and games

For very attractively presented Puzzles and Games – try Mathigon. – Puzzles and Games

Jonathan Halls includes a collection of Puzzles Games and Activities.

Mathisfun Puzzles and Games

Mathisfun! Puzzles & Games

On Sarah Carter’s Math=Love site, you will find a wonderful collection of puzzles. The collection is helpfully indexed into several categories including Puzzles Related to Math Content and Number Related Challenges. For the Shared Factors puzzle illustrated here, John Golden created this GeoGebra version, Quadratic Puzzle.

John Golden – Quadratic Puzzle on GeoGebra

Puzzle for Today – Radio 4, puzzle by Nrich

Radio 4 included a Puzzle for Today feature at one time including many excellent puzzles, you can still see many of the puzzles.

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