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A collection of Statistics games…

Guess the Correlation
Guess the Correlation – Omar Wagih

From Cambridge PhD student, Omar Wagih ‘Guess the Correlation‘, a rather addictive game with a purpose – Omar Wagih is collecting the data on the guesses collected and using it to analyse how we perceive correlations in scatter plots. Select About to read the rules and further details.

From AMSP their Online Enrichment Event recordings include How much is too much? which introduces students to the game of ‘Pig’ in which players score using a die and decide when to roll and when to ‘bank’ their score. A recording featuring Ben Sparks, teacher notes and a spreadsheet are provided. The teacher notes which include questions for students to think about are really helpful.

Monty Hall - Shodor
Advanced Monty Hall – Shodor

Try the Monty Hall problem on the Shodor site.

Tangrams handout

For a rather sophisticated use of games in the Statistics classroom for older students, see the Tangram Game and further details as well as other games; the games and tutorials can also all be found on Grinnel Stats Games – Stat2Games here.