Coordinate Geometry

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Exploring Algebra Review Questions from Underground Mathematics I came across some Coordinate Geometry questions I really like and was fortunate to spend time with the very talented writing team and my fellow Underground Mathematics Champions exploring Straight Line Pairs, a question with much scope for exploration and possible methods of solution.

The image above straight-line-pairs-1has been created from the Printable/supporting materials.

This task worked very well with able Year 11 students as did these other questions. It is possible to create pdf files for a collection of questions, see Saving Favourite Resources, one of Underground Mathematics’ How To Videos. (See the tutorials page I have in the Underground Maths series of pages – a work in progress).


You will find a whole collection of such questions if you look at Geometry of Equations. This includes many resources including Review questions. Note the Building Blocks resources. I think I’ll be using Underground Mathematics resources with ever younger students – Year 9 can try Lots of Lines! You will see from the the supporting materials that this has come from the brilliant Standards Unit (A10) collection. Students must sort the lines into six pairs, each pair matching one of the given descriptions.
Staying with the Building Blocks I do like Straight Lines where students must decide which of 17 equations are equations of a straight line.
Look at the list – a wonderful lesson in not jumping to conclusions here! This worked very well with both my Year 9 and my Year 11 classes.

Straight Lines reminded me of Line Pairs, I feel an extension for Year 11 coming on!