Algebra Tiles

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See also Algebra Manipulatives

From White Rose Maths – new digital tools are free for use by teachers and parents. You can watch the short webinars introducing their first two new interactive tools – Place Value Charts & Algebra Tiles – scroll down to the Resources and CPD collection. This is an outstanding resource and very easy to use.

White Rose Maths – Digital Tools
White Rose Maths – Algebra Tiles

Algebra Tiles are such a good way to demonstrate algebraic manipulation, see the online demonstration on

An excellent read on the subject with examples is one of NCETM’s Using Mathematical Representations at KS3 series, Algebra Tiles. NCETM also have a series of videos; scroll down this page.

What are algebra tiles? from NCETM on Vimeo.

Ken Wessen – The Mathenæum

One of NCETM’s resource recommendations is a very useful Introduction to Algebra Tiles by Ken Wessen on his site, The Mathenæum. It is possible to do the exercises on that site to practice using the tiles.

Algebra Tiles Factorisation
NCTM Illuminations

From the NCTM Illuminations collection – Algebra Tiles.

Write x2+6x+11 in the form (x+a)2+b

Complete the square

For a very easy to use activity, try Jonathan Hall’s Algebra Tiles on his wonderful site.
Algebra Tiles mathsbot

On Mathigon – see Algebra Tiles and the accompanying tutorial.

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