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Unlike Mathematics where the subject content is the same for all the examination boards, for Further Mathematics only half of the subject content is compulsory. The core content can be found on pages 7-10. This prescribed subject content can also be seen in my file of Technology Resources for Mathematics and Further Mathematics (still an ongoing project which will be developed further):
maths & further maths technology by content  
Technology Resources

The content of the remaining 50% is not prescribed and has been defined in the specifications from the examination boards who could build from the applied content in A level Mathematics, introduce new applications, or extend further the core content further or any combination of these. With such choice, the specifications are very varied; from AMSP, we can see a very useful summary of the structure and content of the various specifications.

For any change in specification, I have always found mapping documents helpful, for Further Mathematics where resources are perhaps less plentiful than for Mathematics, then a clear mapping to the legacy specifications can be useful for finding practice questions.

Mapping documents:
These are all very clear and include helpful notes.

  • OCR A look at the Teacher Guides for a document mapping new content to the legacy specification
  • OCR B scroll right down to Teacher Guides
  • Pearson – GCSE 2017 and GCSE 2008 content mapping. This spreadsheet maps the 2017 specification content for Maths (sheets 1 and 2) and Further Maths (sheets 3 and 4) to the old specification.

For AQA there is a useful summary of the subject content available and on Mohammed Ladak’s ‘MathedUp’ see his A Level Further Maths Takeaway, a wonderful source of exam questions by topic with mark schemes. AQA questions have been used here.

Looking for further questions on core topic such as Proof by Induction I know I can look at sample questions from all the Examination Boards; see Teaching Resources in the Further Maths series of pages.

To take a look at an optional example, earlier this year, teaching Dimensions (MEI) to the Further Mathematicians, having taught legacy M3 before, I did know where to find many questions, but for anyone new to the subject, quickly consulting the mapping document, we can see that the required legacy unit is indeed M3.
OCR B Dimensions
There are many questions available from the old M3 papers. Looking at the other examination boards, I can see that AQA has Dimensions on its first optional application.

AQA Dimensions

AQA Subject Content

So I know I can find Dimensions questions on AQA specimen and practice papers. I can also check MathedUp where we see questions and solutions on Dimensional Analysis.
MathedUp Dimensions Looking at Revise, a video on the subject is available which includes the AQA legacy reference. Challenge and Ans provide examination questions with very clear solutions.

MathedUp Dimensions example

MathedUp! Further Maths Takeaway