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Checking the GCE AS and A Level Subject Content for Mathematics we see the following on the use of technology:

See Integrating Technology into your scheme of work from MEI

Further Maths Resources

maths & further maths technology by content 111118  
or pdf format: maths & further maths technology by content 111118
This file is very much a work in progress; I have created an Excel version of the A Level Mathematics (age 16-18) subject content. This means it is easy to add notes and/or links to resources. Currently, there are several links to ClassWhizz Calculator instructions and videos. Links have also been given to other resources.

Will Hornby of OCR has written very clearly on calculators in The truth about calculators for Maths A Levels (March 2020). Will has referred to JCQ instructions for conducting examinations, making this article relevant whichever exam board you use.

For excellent advice on the use of Technology, see For excellent advice on the use of Technology, see these MEI pages: Using Technology A Level Maths, and Using Technology – A Level Further Maths.

The Integrating Technology Into Your Scheme of Work page is very helpful with links to tasks clearly related to the subject content.

From Edexcel:
A Guide to using GeoGebra when teaching AS and A Level Mathematics. This guide links to numerous GeoGebra files clearly mapped to the specification content.

Edexcel GeoGebra AS & A Level Mathematics

Edexcel GeoGebra Guide – Simultaneous Equations

You can find extensive libraries of GeoGebra resources from both Edexcel (for individual links to Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics see the table below) and MEI.

From Edexcel you can use the above guide, you can also access an excellent collection relating to the Pearson books (see table below). Whilst linked to the books many of these GeoGebra resources do stand alone, for example check this equations and inequalities example from the Pearson Maths A Level Pure 1 collection.
Edexcel Geogebra Equations and Inequalities

Pearson Maths A Level Year 1
Pearson Maths A Level Year 2
Pearson Maths Statistics and Mechanics Year 1
Pearson Maths Statistics and Mechanics Year 2
Further Mathematics
Pearson Maths A level Core Pure 1
Pearson Maths A level Core Pure 2
Pearson Maths A level Further Pure 2
Pearson Maths A Level Further Mechanics 1
Pearson Maths A Level Further Mechanics 2
Pearson Maths A Level Decision 1
Pearson Maths A Level  Decision 2
Pearson Maths A Level Further Statistics 1
Pearson Maths A Level Further Statistics 2

It is good to see all the GeoGebra resources for Further Mathematics, for example, check Explore toppling and sliding using GeoGebra.

Pearson Maths A Level Further Mechanics 2 Toppling and Sliding

Pearson Further Mechanics 2 – Toppling and Sliding

Looking in more detail at the MEI GeoGebra Institute, MEI are providing free teaching and professional development materials on using GeoGebra in the classroom. Scrolling down this page you will see a series of self-study guides designed for learning GeoGebra. You will also find a wonderful collection of resources for use in the classroom; these are very simple to use, very little GeoGebra knowledge is required. Some tasks are designed to be easy to follow with the tablet app (download from the GeoGebra home page) and don’t need any prepared GeoGebra files.

MEI GeoGebra Institute

GeoGebra Institute of MEI
For Further Mathematics, we have Using GeoGebra for A Level Further Mathematics.

The study of the Large Data Set in Statistics certainly requires technology to explore this well. See this separate page for more on the Large Data Set, including AQA’a excellent resources.

  • AQA: The large data set UK Department for Transport Stock Vehicle Database is found with their Assessment resources. On AQA’s All About Maths see AQA Large Data Set – Guidance and Worksheets including a tool to help support teaching the statistics content of the specification. This is an amended version of the large data set spreadsheet, the first three sheets are as on the AQA large data set but there are many additional sheets which allow students to explore the large data set. The tools are all provided for students, they do not need knowledge of Excel, meaning time can be spent on interpreting the data rather than learning about Excel.

There are pages on this blog on GeoGebra, WolframAlpha and Desmos.WolframAlpha & Desmos

This post on Regression includes the use of GeoGebra for data analysis.
GeoGebra Regression

Calculator Guide Dr Frost

Calculator Guide Dr Frost example

Dr Frost – Calculator Guide

You can find an excellent calculator guide for the Casio FX991EX-ClassWiz on Dr Frost’s site.

From MEI we have valuable advice and tasks on using calculators in the new A Level specifications.
See also these Calculator pages including manuals and clear instructions on how to use the calculators:

Calculators – Collections
These calculators can be used in class to demonstrate calculations and check answers, see for example this calculator from Math Warehouse for solving a quadratic equation showing full working.

Quadratic Formula