Other Revision Ideas – a collection

Algebra Snippets 2

Algebra Snippets

  • Here’s the diagram – what’s the question, see also Algebra Snippets
  • The Collective Memory resources on TES can make an excellent revision activity, students look at posters and then have to understand and recall that information. These can be used in a variety of ways which are fully described in the article; there are numerous Collective Memory resources on TES.
    Bread & Butter Starters

    GCSE Revision – zannzann on TES


    On the subject of TES, there is an extensive collection of high quality (free) revision resources. Note the numerous 5 star reviews given for many of these resources. You can filter the search by age using the criteria on the left of the page or the tabs at the top; see revision resources for 14-16 for example.

  • Mini-tests (or self checks)
  • Treasure Hunts – see the sample topic resources on Mathsbox (and more free samples on Mathsbox) for some lovely resources; MathsBox is a (very good value in my opinion) subscription site with an extensive collection of quality resources; even without a subscription, there are many free samples so you can see and use several very useful resources. The settlers and Bingo activities are ideal for a series of short recall/revision type questions. I do like the attractive presentation of the resources on this site (as well as the content of course!) Treasure Hunts will get students moving around the room. See also Loop Activities / Treasure Hunts. On the subject of moving around the room, you could try an activity using post-its; see for example this Surds post-it challenge on TES.
  • Tarsia puzzles, these are available for all ages including post 16.
  • On Maths Teaching – Higher Level Revision Activities is a series of short starters for GCSE revision
  • Mega Maths Quiz from Ben Cooper
  • Mega Revision from Ben Cooper

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