Examination Board Teaching Resources

MEI, AQA, Edexcel and OCR (also Eduqas, part of WJEC) provide excellent support for teachers. With GCSE and A Level subject content now the same for all the examination boards, we have an excellent library of resources to use irrespective of the specification chosen for public examinations.
(See also 16+ Resources.)

MEI has produced such a valuable collection for teachers with the latest addition to their work on Problem Solving. See their Problem Solving examples and solutions. As well as all the problems and solutions with very valuable suggestions and commentary, MEI has provided a guide to support teachers with the problem-solving content of GCSE (14-16) and A Level (16-18). See also the result of the collaboration between MEI and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET); a wonderful set of maths resources is available.


MEI – IET Project Resources

At A level MEI’s Interactive Scheme of work includes a resource for each section of the course. See also, MEI on integrating technology into your scheme of work which includes many calculator, Desmos and GeoGebra tasks.

See also MEI Free Reources and a page added to the GeoGebra series on the MEI GeoGebra Institute.



TeachIt Maths


  • GCSE Teacher Support includes new content resources, a worksheet collection for Foundation and Higher, teaching low attainers and formulae posters.

    Edexcel Codebreaker

    Edexcel Worksheets

  • Teaching and Learning Materials includes an extensive collection from baseline tests for younger (KS3, age 11-14) students to demanding GCSE (age 14-16) Problem Solving questions. The Problem Solving questions with full mark schemes are excellent as are the Practice Papers and topic tests.
  • Teaching and Learning Materials – A Level 16+ a wonderful and growing collection
  • Signing up for the wonderful Mathematics Emporium is highly recommended, note that it is a free website intended for the use of teachers of mathematics in secondary schools, regardless of what board you use. Register for an account and ensure you supply a correct centre e-mail address in your name for verification, your centre name and centre number.

  • In the GCE AS/A Level Mathematics cabinet, you will find documents for GCE 2017 including baseline tests and unit tests, also Transition materials for GCSE to A Level.


Statistics – The large data sets and more for Advanced Level Statistics from AQA, Edexcel, OCR and OCR (MEI) can be found on this page.
GeoGebra Regression

Eduqas is part of WJEC and offers Ofqual reformed qualifications to secondary schools and colleges. Eduqas has many very useful secondary and vocational resources for Mathematics. Note the series of resources for topics added to current the GCSE specification.
Educas - Venn Diagrams