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A major announcement was made at La Salle Education’s Maths Conference #21 in October 2019.

Autograph for graphing and geometry is now part of the La Salle Education family and with the backing of La Salle Complete Maths, Autograph 5 is now available free to everyone forever.

Reading the journal of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics, December 2020, and looking at the videos of the 8 tasks in the article, we see the exciting announcement that an all-device web version of Autograph is being developed, happily, that is now available, a game-changer for this sophisticated object-based dynamic geometry system in 2D and 3D; it is so useful to be easily able to share Autograph files with students. Try the web version here and learn more on the Autograph – Web version page.

On TSM resources for the downloadable software version of Autograph, you will find an extensive library of Autograph resources including manuals and Junior and Advanced introductory videos.

Also available you will find free CPD for learning to use Autograph, summaries are provided as well as the videos and all the files you need. This really does provide excellent training in Autograph, looking at the first course, for example, we see that 63 short videos and 86 files are provided.

The dynamic graphing software has 4 modes, Statistics, 2D Graphing, 3D Graphing, and, introduced in version 4, Complex Numbers.

That October 2019 announcement was perfect timing for myself and my Further Maths students as we were just about to study Complex Numbers. It is very simple to enter complex numbers and menu options mean that various operations are easily and quickly demonstrated, including displaying the nth roots of a complex number. A comprehensive manual is available – see the Help menu. Manuals can also be found on the Autograph site including useful summaries.
Autograph Complex Numbers

More for the Further Mathematicians, we can easily show transformations in 2D and 3D, use pre-sets or enter a matrix for a transformation.

Autograph - shear

Or very simply show your chosen number of terms of the Maclaurin series for sin x (select the graph, right-click, choose create and select Maclaurin series).
Maclaurin series

Newton Raphson

Autograph is also excellent for illustrating the Newton Raphson method – something which will be very useful in teaching Numerical Methods for A Level.

So many excellent features are aailable – this is a powerful and sophisticated program.

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