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To use demonstrations of those wonderful Wisweb applets that work on modern browsers, go to the Numworx Secondary Education Site. To use the resources without saving any work you can simply Login as Guest. Whilst a guest login has restrictions you will be able to explore and use resources, many of which make excellent demonstrations.

These wonderful applets were created by Utrecht University, they have built the learning environment Numworx around these. 

A site very well worth exploring to become familiar with what is available.

Explore all the menus here, we have widgets and many excellent lessons.
Look at all the lessons for example for SE Lower Grades


Under ‘Old’ Choose Secondary Education, Algebra and also the Algebra Widgets to explore resources such as the following :

Algebra Arrows
Algebra Arrows

Algebra Arrows illustrated above is excellent for exploring functions. Form inputs, operations and output by dragging them onto the main workspace, connect them up and optionally connect to a graph. Click inside any of the elements to change the content.

The Digital Mathematics Environment has much more than the original Wisweb applets – a quick glance at Secondary Education shows we have resources to explore.

Choosing Secondary Education/Algebra/Exercises – Equations/Linear equations led me to another favourite. A whole series of these exercises is available. I like the way the steps and working are clearly shown


There are useful demonstrations that could work well in class:

Uising Machines
Test Yourself - Algebra
Linear Graphs

Choosing Secondary Education – Geometry will give you the following choices:


I am very happy to see Building Blocks again (Cube Buildings). This is useful for demonstrating plans and elevations. I discovered I could clear a block by selecting both left and right mouse buttons simultaneously.

To find the resource so many teachers know as “Building Houses” select Old, then Secondary Education and then Geometry.
Find Building Houses

silhouette cube building

The Cube buildings exercises include 4 sets of 10 exercises to keep everybody busy! The last set of 10 involves building structures given only the silhouette – quite a challenge. It takes a little bit of practice to become familiar with the mouse controls,  a left-click adds a cube. To delete a cube hold the left click button and press the right click button also.Cube Building 1

See also this lovely interactive on MathsPad.

MathsPad Interactive

You can also find lessons in the SE Lower Grades Menu. Note the lesson – Views which investigates the realationship between views and three dimensional shapes.dme-widgets
Statistics and Probability widgets includes a widget illustrated here on the Normal Distribution; try experimenting with the various variables.

Normal Distribution

Probability Trees could be useful for creating diagrams as the basic diagram is very easy to set up – simply enter the number of branches you require.
Probability Trees

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