Assessment Without Levels KS3 (11-14)

Daisy Christodoulou on Life After Levels - conclusion

Daisy Christodoulou on Life After Levels – conclusion

From the ResearchEd 2015 and highly recommended, Daisy Christodoulou discussed the removal of National Curriculum Levels. Read Daisy’s post and see her slides on her blog you can also watch the presentation. (Daisy’s comments on Multiple Choice questions was my prompt to collate some resources: Multiple Choice Questions).

Final Report of the Commission on Assessment without Levels

Report of the NAHT Commission on Assessment – February 2014

From Tim Oates – Living in a Levels Free World

From Stephen Tierney, Life After Levels – An Assessment Revolution? As Stephen points out

“Life after levels is primarily a curriculum issue not a data issue”

Assessment – Recommended principles for schools to effectively assess their students’ progress against their school curriculum.

Beyond levels – alternative approaches developed by teaching schools

Links to the National Curriculum Programmes of Study can be found on this page.

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