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Ofqual postcard summaries   MEI have answers to some frequently asked questions about the new specifications of interest to all teachers.

Specifications and Specimen Papers

GCE AS and A Level Subject Content for Mathematics Note that Appendix A sets out the notation that must be used by AS and A level mathematics and further mathematics specifications. Students will be expected to understand this notation without need for further explanation. Individual examination boards also have further guidance on vocabulary and notation.

GCE AS & A level subject content for further mathematics

From the Further Maths Support Programme you can compare the Further Mathematics specification structures from the different examination boards.

Separate pages are available for each examination boards: AQA, Edexcel, OCR and OCR(MEI). However, with common content for A Level Mathematics specifications, you will find some very valuable resources from all the examination boards.

Use this Twitter List to see updates from all the exam boards. And / or use this mini Maths list for AQA, Edexcel and OCR Maths & MEI Maths.
January 2018:
Ofqual GCSE Grade Boundaries in 2018
February 2017:
Ofqual Blog on A Levels and GCSEs:
Grade Boundaries: the problems with predictions

MEI’s YouTube Channel includes very helpful videos.

Further references and reading
From the Further Mathematics Support Programme:
2017 A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
Note the link to the very helpful document on changes to AS/A Level Mathematics & Further Mathematics.

See also this comparison of the specifications from the different Examination Boards and Considerations for choosing a new specification.


MEI Scheme of Work

Also from MEI – look at this excellent scheme of work for the new specification. Each of the 43 units is based on a topic and includes a commentary of the underlying mathematics, a sample resource, a use of technology, links with other topics, common errors, opportunities for proof and questions to promote mathematical thinking. The scheme of work is freely available and as we have common content for all examination boards is very helpful whichever board you use.
Edexcel SOW
From Edexcel, these schemes of work are very clear indeed. For each unit of work you will find Specification References, Prior Knowledge including GCSE Specification References and Key Words. For each sub-unit you will find Objectives, Teaching Points, Opportunities for Reasoning / Problem Solving, Common Misconceptions / Examiner Report Quotes.

GCE AS and A Level Subject Content for Mathematics

GCE Subject Level Guidance from DfE, this guidance is intended to help awarding organisations understand how to comply with the GCE subject-level conditions and requirements for mathematics. The guidance includes further information on the use of Technology and large Data sets.

Further resources:
AQA Resources including a very useful Specification Summary. AQA have several very clear resources, see: Planning  Teaching and Assessment which includes the Specimen Papers and mark schemes.

Edexcel Specification & Sample Assessment Materials note the inclusion of a data set for AS and A Level.

Edexcel – Assessment support including mapping documents.

From OCR, specifications, specimen papers and other resources can all be downloaded here.
Note the option to download a zip file with the specifications and sample assessment materials.

Consultation outcome: AS and A level reform: regulations for Maths and Further Maths 

The A level mathematics working group report is a very valuable document the report is on Mathematical Problem Solving, Modelling and the Use of Large Data Sets in Statistics in AS/A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.


Setting A* in the new A Levels