A Level Maths

The A Level Maths series of pages features many resources for teaching A Level Maths. See also – Worked Examples – A Level Maths and Further Maths,

It seems appropriate to begin with this brilliant resource from Transum Mathematics. I have often recommended GCSE Refreshing Revision, just like the GCSE version this Advanced Level version allows teachers to select the concepts required; the questions will change instantly to show your choices. It is also possible to drag the panels so that the questions are ordered as you choose. Refresh the page and you will get different revision questions on your chosen topics. The ability to save the web address for a chosen selection is very useful indeed.

This resource like all the Transum resources is free to use, an extensive collection of resources such as the various KS3 and KS4 self-checking exercises provide answers for any user. Answers for some resources such as examination questions and this Refreshing Revision resource are provided for subscribers; extremely good value for money in my opinion.

AQA Topic Tests for Maths and Further Maths

OCR A Delivery Guides and Check In Tests

OCR B Delivery Guides and Check In Tests

OCR Maths Section Check In

Dr Tom Bennison – AQA Further Maths Practice Paper

From Dr Tom Bennison on MathematicsAndCoding see his excellent resources for AQA A-Level Maths, AQA A-Level Further Maths (and also AQA Level 2 Further Maths). Tom will be adding resources to his post as they are created,

On Doctor Oliver Mathematics you will find an extensive library of worked examples, access these via examination papers or choose questions by topic. It is so valuable that the question and solution are presented together. At A level you will find both Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

From the excellent MathsBox site, see: Pure Mathematics A Level Notes. The notes have a very comprehensive set of clear and well-explained examples.

Also available are Statistics and Mechanics Notes

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MathedUp! Maths Takeaways

MathedUp! A Level Maths takeaways

Maths Genie
Maths Genie

From Maths Genie, we have A Level worked examples; videos and questions by topic are available for both AS and A Level.

Andy Lutwyche – Erica’s Errors series
Stoke Maths

Stoke Maths MEP Starters are very attractively presented high-quality resources. Looking at the Spot the Mistake PowerPoints for example, as you can see in the image below there are a great collection of questions that include full answers. It’s great to see Mechanics and Statistics collections. The revision question starters provide very useful question sets.

From Ben Bently, comes a collection of low stakes quizzes by topic using questions from Diagnostic questions.

Westie’s Workshop – Past Paper questions by topic

From Physics and Maths Tutor – see Maths Revision which includes GCSE, Maths, Further Maths and International A Levels questions by topic.

From ALevelMathsRevision.com A Level Maths Exam questions by topic. The questions are legacy questions but are chosen for relevance to the new specification. See also:

On ExamQ from Mr Watts you can quickly search for Edexcel Maths GCSE and A-Level exam questions. You can choose from GCSE Foundation or Higher, AS or A level, you can also select by exam series, paper, area and topic.

The interface is very clear indeed, easily display the questions or mark schemes.

On MadAsMaths, hover on Maths Booklets for a dropdown menu of questions available by topic. Basic Topics – Various includes several topics from Pure Maths quoted as suitable for:

  • providing enrichment material for very able G.C.S.E students. (most booklets)
  • covering the typical first year non calculus material, of a two year course in A Level mathematics.
  • introducing/revising various non calculus topics to undergraduate students in degrees not requiring A Level mathematics.

Note the inclusion of the solution – increase the magnification to view these:

CIMT – A Level

On CIMT, the A Level course materials include activities, examples and exercises by topic.

On Dr Frost Maths, we can select examples by topic, there is an extensive collection of Key Skills examples, all with fully worked solutions.