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From SJ White, a really useful series of short videos on Math Whiteboard.

Watch this free webinar hosted by Eric Curts on Control Alt Achieve to hear Donald Carney, one of the creators of this tool. 

I was fortunate to have a demonstration of this incredible resource from Donald Carey myself; there is no doubt that he and his team are passionate about Mathematics and the learning and teaching of Mathematics.

I have found a great way to learn to use this is to watch the Eric Curts webinar and recreate Don’s examples whilst watching.

  • When you create a new whiteboard, you can see the getting started example, you have access to that at any time with the click of a button; this will remind you of the main functions
  • Math Whiteboard Tutorial scroll down the left-hand side of this page for examples.
  • From NCCE a demonstration, from Don Carey (33 minutes)

From Math Whiteboard choose Example Whiteboards and experiment with these whiteboards.

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