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MEI’s interactive scheme of work include excellent teaching notes and associated resources which will help teachers in their planning.


MEI Interactive Scheme of Work

This excellent scheme of work for the new specification has 43 units each of which is based on a topic and includes a commentary of the underlying mathematics, a sample resource, suggested use of technology, links with other topics, common errors, opportunities for proof and  questions to promote mathematical thinking. The scheme of work is freely available.

For more excellent advice and suggested tasks from MEI on integrating technology into your teaching see these MEI pages. Note MEI’s comprehensive guidance with ideas for learning an teaching which I think will be useful whichever examination board you are using.

MEI have produced such a valuable collection for teachers with the latest addition to their work on Problem Solving. See their Problem Solving examples and solutions. As well as all the problems and solutions with very valuable suggestions and commentary, MEI have provided a guide to support teachers with the problem solving content of GCSE (14-16) and A Level (16-18).

MEI Problem Solving

OCR have linked to some new sample MEI resources (Under External Resources). These include some very nice “problem shorts” and also the use of technology to analyse large data sets. See also this post on MEI Sample resources which includes high quality free sample resources for each uni of MEI’s Interactive A Level Schemes of work. Note that schools and colleges can register with the Further Maths Support Network which has many benefits including a free single-user teacher access account to extensive online resources to support the teaching and learning of Further Mathematics, and also enrichment materials for A level and GCSE mathematics students; access to all the Large Data Set materials will be available free. You can find the correct form here,
MEI Sample Resources

From MEI check their Maths Items of the month resources.
MEI Implicit Eqn of line
MEI StartersFrom MEI, see these Picturing Maths Starters, whilst aimed at GCSE, many are also relevant for A Level students.

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