aqa-ao3On All About Maths‘ site see the Further Guidance and Practice Questions for the AO2 and AO3 requirements of the new 8300 GCSE. The 120 questions in this resource have been selected from legacy specifications which, to quote AQA “exemplify each of the strands of these Assessment Objectives and would therefore be suitable questions for the new GCSE as well.” AQA have arranged the questions in approximate order of difficulty andhave also divided them into those suitable for Foundation tier only, common to both tiers, and those suitable for Higher tier only, as well as by Assessment Objective. AQA Linked PairOne of the legacy specifications used for questions in the document was Methods in Mathematics from the Linked Pair qualification. Methods in Mathematics covered:

  • developing skills in thinking, reasoning and problem solving
  • practising basic technique in Number, Algebra and Geometry
  • applying these techniques in solving problems in mathematical contexts
  • appreciating the importance of clear communication, justification and simple proof.

It could therefore be a useful source of additional questions. This specification included Venn Diagrams for example.

Remember fAQA 90 Problemsrom AQA we also have the excellent, GCSE Mathsematics: 90 maths problem  solving questions. (No log in is required for this document). These problems have been designed for use in supporting the teaching and learning of mathematics. There is a helpful intruductory section for teachers and note also the helpful Classification Tables by Strategy and by Content Area. Em,  has a brilliant PowerPoint with all the questions and answers – see it here.