Add an Image (and dance!)

It is possible to add an image to a Desmos graph.

Note the option to add an image…

Desmos add item
Remembering the beautiful dance moves poster I thought I’d see how accurate it is!

Desmos & Images

Desmos - dance circle

The modulus function looks pretty good – as does the circle (though it really should not be labelled just x2+y2)

Anyway – upload an image – save your page and challenge your students to fit a graph!

Remembering a holiday in Barcelona – I thought I would add the graph of cosh x to this photo.. Select the image to see the Desmos graph page.

cosh x Desmos image

From Desmos, fabulous dance moves – thank you @Desmos – love this!

Note the use of the drop down menu in each section.

Dancing with Desmos - select image and dance!

Select images for some beautiful dance moves!

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