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See OCR (MEI) for very helpful supporting information and videos on the new specification.

From the Further Mathematics Support Programme:
2017 A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
This is really helpful – clear and simple statements. Note the link to the very helpful document on changes to AS/A Level Mathematics & Further Mathematics.


MEI Interactive Scheme of Work

From MEI – look at this excellent scheme of work for the new specification. Each of the 43 units is based on a topic and includes a commentary of the underlying mathematics, a sample resource, a use of technology, links with other topics, common errors, opportunities for proof and  questions to promote mathematical thinking. The scheme of work is freely available, see also MEIs suggested schedules for ordeing the content and timings.
MEI Scheme

Note too MEI’s valuable input on the Use of Technology.

This video (18 minutes) introduces features of the new MEI AS/A level Maths specs, explaining the decisions made and how they support good teaching, learning and assessment. MEI’s YouTube Channel includes this and other helpful videos.

Further Maths – introducing the various strands:
YouTube Further Maths

Note the growing collection of teaching and learning resources including Delivery guides and Check in tests 

OCR Algebra Delivery Guide

Each guide includes a comprehensive list of free online resources.