Mathematics Book Recommendations

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For a list of recommended books for young people interested in Mathematics, try this list from Nrich which is grouped into three different categories: History of Mathematics, Recreational and Thinking Mathematically.

From Cambridge University this list of interesting mathematics books and internet sites is mainly intended for sixth-formers planning to take a degree in mathematics. The list includes some items which are suitable for less experienced readers so may well appeal to a wider audience. The list was last updated in September 2020. I see it includes Kevin Houston’s “How to Think Like a Mathematician, see also from Kevin Houston his page on the book which includes some solutions to problems in the book, also available are sample chapters on writing mathematics.

See also:

From Lucy Rycroft-Smith, see this wonderful collection of books about Maths by women. Lucy chose these 13 books in 2020, for International Women’s Day. I like the way she has categorised the books, a book for the artist, for the rebel…. Brilliant – I bought several of those books!

For younger readers, MEI recommended in 2021:

MEI – books for younger readers