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Edexcel Teaching & Learning Materials

Edexcel frequently publishes new material, keep an eye on new publications by changing the Sort By filter to ‘Latest’. See this guide to support for AS and A Level Mathematics.

Edexcel Teacher Guides

Check all the Teaching and Learning materials where you can filter by content type, also Exam Materials and Specification and Sample Assessments which includes the data set for AS and A Level.

Slides are available from training events. These slide sets are very comprehensive and will be very useful for teachers new to the specification.

The exemplar answers with examiner comments provide a particularly valuable resource. These booklets look at questions from the AS and A level Sample Assessment Materials, which was used in the trial undertaken in summer 2017. Real student responses are shown together with commentary showing how the examining team apply the mark schemes. The commentary includes always useful notes on common errors.

Edexcel Model Answers example

These could be used in class and students asked to find errors. For such a question we can, of course, illustrate the solution with a little technology, something I believe we should do at every opportunity.Edexcel Model Answers example diagram

Edexcel – Assessment support including mapping documents.

Edexcel Teaching & Learning Materials  include Course Planners and Schemes of work:
Edexcel Course Planners & Schemes of Work

These schemes of work are very clear indeed. For each unit of work you will find Specification References, Prior Knowledge including GCSE Specification References and Key Words. For each sub-unit you will find Objectives, Teaching Points, Opportunities for Reasoning / Problem Solving, Common Misconceptions / Examiner Report Quotes.

The Teaching and Learning Materials offer excellent support including answers and commentary on sample assessment materials and support for Statistics and Mechanics. These Teaching Guides are very thorough indeed, as Edexcel say for their Statistics guide, and similarly for Mechanics:

Note that you can filter by content, the various teacher guides are here.

“This booklet looks at statistics content of AS and A level Mathematics qualifications and is intended to offer explanations of the terminology that is being used in specifications, guidance on how to approach the teaching of the content and help on where and how to use technology to support the delivery of the course. This document is designed to give teachers a starting point and does not include all possible approaches to topics discussed.”
Edexcel teaching Materials

The Teaching and Learning Materials also include Mathematics and Further Mathematics baseline tests.

Signing up for the wonderful Mathematics Emporium is highly recommended, note that it is a free website intended for the use of teachers of mathematics in secondary schools, regardless of what board you use. Register for an account and ensure you supply a correct centre e-mail address in your name for verification, your centre name and centre number.Edexcel Emporium

Some of the older papers could be a useful source of questions.
See also Into the Archives and Mathematics A Level 1986.

On Maths Genie, you will find worked solutions to past papers.

GeoGebra resources to support the teaching and learning of A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics:

For GeoGebra resources, see also:

Further Maths