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Oak National Academy has begun sharing its new interactive curriculum plans and early release units. See the Oak update on the new curriculum plans for further details.

Ed Southall is the subject lead for Maths, for some background read the Oak Update – Maths curriculum partners and subject experts – March 2023.

Oak National Academy – Secondary Maths Curriculum Plan
Oak National Academy early-release units.

The new curriculum plans and early release units include primary and secondary maths resources produced in collaboration with MEI. For secondary Maths and available to look at now, we have:

Looking at the series of 12 lessons on Surds, each lesson includes a slide deck (slides used in the video), lesson details, a worksheet. 2 quizzes – a starter and exit quiz, and a video.

Oak National Academy – Simplifying Surds, slide deck example

The worksheet on Simplifying tasks includes the activities from the video/slide deck. The answers are all included in the slide deck.

Oak National Academy – Simplifying Surds, exit quiz examples

The Oak Update includes this comment on what is new about the teaching resources:

As well as being designed specifically for use in the classroom, the resources have been built around the latest evidence on how pupils learn, including SEND best practice. Plus, they’re editable, so you can tailor them to your pupils’ needs.

They’re created by teachers, rigorously checked by experts, and tested in classrooms. All so you can feel confident in the resources you use.

Oak National Academy

We will be able to see more lessons and teaching resources over the current academic year with access to everything or these first subjects (English, history, maths and science from key stages 1-4, plus primary geography and secondary music) available by Summer 2024.

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