Mathematical Miscellany #76

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With two GCSE papers done and just one to go, see November Examinations for resources including papers from 1st Class Maths.

From Mrs Jagger, @Jaggersmaths

Trigonometry (Area) – Fill In The Blanks, Andy Lutwyche

Fill in the blanks worksheets can be so good – for many more examples, see my post, Fill in the blanks…

From Brooke Hunter, why not practice rearringing formulae to support your Science colleagues?

Thinking about misconceptions in Algebra recently I came across “2b or not 2b: Misconceptions in algebraic reasoning” from Barbara J. Dougherty. This has been added to my page on Misconceptions.

Something Dan Meyer said at the MEI Conference 2021 really struck a chord with me, he said “There are no mistakes or misconceptions, just takes and conceptions.” Dan Meyer mentioned WW Sayer who said:

Most remarks made by children consist of correct ideas very badly expressed. A good teacher will be very wary of saying ‘No, that’s wrong’. Rather he will try to discover the correct idea behind the inadequate expression. This is one of the most important principles in the whole art of teaching.

WW Sayer

In case you missed it, Mathematical Miscellany #75 on some brilliant resources has proved very popular.

Jake Gordon – Worked Examples