A Level Summer 2022

Naiker Maths

From Naiker Maths, A level Predicted papers based on advance information from Edexcel.

Mark schemes are provided.

Dr Tom Bennison – AQA Practice Questions

For AQA A Level Dr Tom Bennison is adding revision resources to this page. As you can see from Tom’s post he is planning to provide a set of “practice” papers for AQA A-Level Maths and AQA A-Level Further Maths, a paper for OCR FSMQ and then some “Exam warmup” grids for use before the exams.

ExamQ – Mr Watts

On ExamQ from Mr Watts you can quickly search for Edexcel Maths GCSE and A-Level exam questions. You can choose from GCSE Higher, AS or A level, you can also select by exam series, paper, area and topic. Selecting Summer 2022 Advanced Information displays a menu of questions by paper based on the Advance Information.

The interface is very clear indeed, easily display the questions or mark schemes. You can also see the original paper and mark scheme.

From Pearson/Edexcel, comes a very valuable resource, under Summer 2022, Support, A Level Mathematics Topic Tests, is a new set of topic tests (no login required) for Pure Mathematics (10 tests), Mechanics (5 tests) and Statistics (5 tests) are provided. These are very comprehensive, not only do we have the questions and mark schemes but further notes. Looking at an example, the first test of the Pure Mathematics tests is on Proof, 5 varied questions cover the knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to Pearson’s qualification. The tests are designed to be used with the advance information for the subject as well as general marking guidance for the qualification.

Also available in a similar format from Pearson Edexcel are A Level Further Mathematics Topic Tests. Tests are available in both Word and pdf format for Papers 1 and 2 (9 tests), and Papers 3A (7 tests), 3B (8 tests), 3C (5 tests), and 3D )5 tests.

Pearson Edexcel Further Maths Topic Tests

The first test in the Paper 1 and 2 pack for example is on Proof, 7 questions provide comprehensive coverage of Proof.

Whilst not written for the advance information, the following resources may be useful if you are searching by topic for A level Maths and Further Maths:

Core Maths

For Core Maths, note the very helpful section, Pre-release materials in Getting Started with Core Maths from Catherine Van Saarloos.

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